We specialise in custom moulding, plastic fabrication, vacuum forming, and materials handling.

Innovators of Plastic Solutions for over three decades

Plastic Fabrications takes pride in offering a wide variety of unique products aimed at specific market niches. We specialise in custom rotational moulding, as well as offering services in both plastic and metal fabrication, and operate a reel fed Thermoforming production line. Our commitment is to be your trusted supplier offering competitive pricing, quality products, and sustainable solutions.

Plastic Fabrications has implemented and maintains a quality management system and is Accredited to
ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Our Services

Custom Moulding

Experience the precision and versatility of our custom moulding solutions, delivering high-quality plastic components designed to meet your unique specifications.

Industrial Design and Engineering Services

Plastic Fabrications have in-house capability to take your project and develop workable CAD. These initial drawing can be expanded to provide 3D drawings and then potentially a 3D printed model giving you the full experience on how your project could look and operate.

Plastic & Metal Fabrication

Keeping your project at one location, Plastic Fabrications has the expertise in both plastic and metal fabrication supplementing our rotational moulding technique and ensuring your finished project has access to all the required materials in-house.

Life Cycle Service (Regrind)

Many of our products are crafted from polyethylene, the most widely used plastic globally. Polyethylene can be recycled entirely by grinding it into reusable material, making it 100% recyclable. We provide this recycling service to our customers, ensuring both durable products and a convenient disposal option at the end of their life cycle.

Vacuum Forming

Explore the possibilities of vacuum forming, offering efficient and precise packaging solutions for a wide range of high-value items, from ceramics to medical equipment.

Our Products

Kiel Material Handling

The Kiel Material Handling range offers a variety of durable and strong products all cleverly designed to suit your exact requirements. Our range of plastic pallets, bins, and spill bunds are popular where hygiene, resilience and cleanliness are vital.

Bespoke Products

Plastic Fabrications house a large range of tooling to create unique and useful products. From our Ice Bath through to Electric motor covers, and from Pump Pontoons to cable holders. Our range grows with each year and may include the missing piece of your puzzle.

Rota Loo

Embrace a waterless, odourless, and eco-friendly approach to sewage management with Rota Loo, the premier dry composting toilet system for homes, parks, and sensitive environments.

New Era Tanks

The New Era tank range includes Petrol, Diesel and Water tanks from 23 litre up to 150 litre incorporating multiple fill points and liquid outlets. Initially designed for the Boating industry, the expansion of the range has seen them used in agriculture as well as on caravans and campers. There are 110 potential combinations within this range including 5 models of Live Bait Tank.

Join Our Team

At Plastic Fabrications, we believe in fostering a dynamic and innovative work environment. Explore our available job listings and be a part of our dedicated team, driving excellence and shaping the future of plastic manufacturing.