We specialise in custom moulding, plastic fabrication, vacuum forming, and materials handling.

Bespoke Products

At Plastic Fabrications, we offer a diverse range of bespoke rotomolded products designed to meet your needs. Each product is meticulously crafted at our workshop in Victoria, Australia, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail.

Ice Bath

Experience superior cooling performance with our bespoke ice bath, perfect for applications in sports therapy, medical treatments, and scientific research. Sitting 1130mm high with an external size of 1400mm x 700mm and weighing 60kg empty. The internal tub size is 720mm x 580mm and sitting 1030mm high with a single 50mm drain bung.

Motor Covers

Protect your valuable machinery with our custom motor covers, designed to shield against dust, debris, and weather elements while ensuring a precise fit. Comes in 4 sizes

Small Burra 400 (W) x 400 (D) x 400mm (H)
Small M.G 550 (W) x 550 (D) x 470mm (H)
Medium 550 (W) x 700 (D) x 500mm (H)
Large 600 (W) x 900 (D) x 600mm (H)

Pump Pontoon

Achieve stability and support for your pump systems with our tailored pump pontoon solutions, ensuring optimal operation and longevity. 2375mm long x 1550mm wide and at 345mm high with a freeboard at 350kg and weighing 60kg total.

Bollard & Lectern Top

Enhance safety and functionality with our bespoke bollard and lectern solutions, providing robust barriers and informative platforms. Standing 1225mm high with a 450mm x 450mm base and at 4.5kg empty, the Bollard has access for a chain link connection as well as a water fill point. The lecturn as an addition is 450mm x 370mm with a 10mm lip for holding documents.


Designed for tight spaces in Fridges and Freezers where the product is required to sit off the floor but can still be moved around with a pallet trolley. At 1200 x 600 sitting 300mm high and weighing 22kg, the steel strengthened bench can take a mighty load.

Carley Raft

The PU foam-filled Carley Raft, includes essential components such as ropes and reflective labels to ensure enhanced visibility and safety. This raft measures 2140mm x 1000mm with a depth of 195mm, designed to meet standards for reliability and performance.